Executive Management

       W/ro. Meseret Bezabih

        Chief Executive Officer

W/ro. Azalech Yirgu

DCEO, Operations Long Term Insurance

Ato Tesfaye Desta

DCEO, Operations General Insurance

Ato Yealemayn H/Mariam

Manager, Internal Audit

W/rt Bethlehem Mekbib

Director -Underwriting & Technical Services

Ato Dereje Demessie

Director-Claims and Engineering Service.

Ato Tilahun Tadesse

Director -Business Development and Marketing

Ato Engida Kassaye

Director – Finance &Investments

Ato Gizie Alemu

Human Capital & Property Management

Ato Aliye Mohammed

A /Director  – Information Systems Management

Ato Aron Kassaye

Director  – Legal Services