Endowment Plan

What is an Endowment Plan?

This is one kind of life plans that combines two plans in one, saving and protection. It pays the sum assured at the end of an agreed term if you live or at death if this occurs earlier.

Other Privileges:

  • You can pay your premiums – yearly, half yearly, quarterly or monthly.
  • You have 30 days of grace to pay premiums due.
  • Should circumstance make it necessary to stop paying premiums altogether, (provided two or more years’ premiums have been paid) your policy may be converted into a ‘Paid-up policy’ for a reduced amount.
  • Your endowment policy acquires surrender and loan values after payment of two years’ premiums.

Does It Share In Profits?

There are two premium scales. One entitles the policy to share in profits based on actuarial valuations. If you choose this scale, then you will share from the profits of our life business operations.

Do You Know?

That when you buy an endowment policy on your life, you are actually guaranteeing yourself and your dependents that there will be nothing, NOT EVEN DEATH, to interrupt your plans of SAVING?

Please examine the following four new endowment policies we now offer.

  1. Ordinary Endowment
    • Pays the sum assured at the end of an agreed term (on survival) or pays the sum assured to your dependents/beneficiaries on early death.
  2. Anticipated Endowment-A Unique Policy

What Is Unique About It?

    • Pays the maturity value in three installments. • Gives death protection for the whole sum assured. Therefore, in Anticipated Endowment, • You get protection!
    • You save! • You get maturity values three times!
  1. Education Endowment
    • Why worry about your child’s future! Buy an education policy and secure the funds necessary to educate your child.
    • Who Buys The Policy?
      • The parent/guardian of a child.
    • What Happens If The Parent Dies?
      • Premiums are waived and the policy’s benefits are payable for the child as originally desired.
    • What Happens If The Child Dies?
      • Another child can be nominated.
    • How are benefits paid under an Education plan?
      • 20% of the sum assured on the 3rd anniversary before maturity.
      • 20% of the sum assured on the 2nd anniversary before maturity.
      • 30% of the sum assured on the 1st anniversary before maturity.
      • 30% of the sum assured on maturity.

Group Endowment

This plan is designed to give life assurance cover and savings for employees who work under one employment. Under this plan there are three retirement ages to choose from – Ages 55, 60 or 65.


  • Retirement Benefit
  • Death Benefit
  • Low premiums
  • Option to convert cover to individual endowment in case of early termination of employment
  • Includes accidental cover for death and disabilities