Coverage Types

Medical expenses coverage

Usually, whatever standard health insurance you have will pay only claims for medical care in your country of residence. Also, even if your medical care is usually paid for by your government, this usually won’t extend to medical costs incurred in other countries. Some countries with universal healthcare (such as Canada, UK, Australia)might have reciprocal agreements with other countries with similar health care systems. However, even if a country extends its subsidized medical care to tourists, what’s provided may not be up to your standards or needs?

Unless you are covered by a reciprocal arrangement or your regular health insurance covers international medical expenses, you may have to pay all medical expenses incurred while traveling out of pocket or through help from your insurer; in many cases, quality medical care can be very expensive. Therefore, all international travelers should be certain that they have medical coverage via a travel insurance policy that covers medical expenses they unexpectedly incur on their trip. Unless you’ll not be far from home, you should also opt for medical evacuation coverage discussed below.

When considering a travel insurance policy's medical coverage:
Pre-existing conditions
Refusal of medical coverage
Older travelers
Medical evacuation coverage
Caretaker coverage
Lump sum payments
Cancellation insurance
Resuming your journey
Loss, damage and theft