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Our Professional underwriters will provide you service recommendations based on your needs, allowing you to make informed decisions. You can walk in any of our more than 50 branches in and outside Addis Ababa for every information and query.

Never hurry to make a decision. Verify what you really want. Ask questions and clarifications. Look for alternatives you will have. Do not think that you are overcritical or we will question your motives. What you are doing is right and acceptable. Finally make decision based on your understanding. Our teams of underwriters on every branch are willing and able to help you traverse in all your concerns.

Decided to insure your life or property with us? On no account doubt what you have decided! This is the best decision you have made! Enjoy the peace of mind that follows! Concentrate on building your future.

We are highly qualified in developing the best solution to the needs and aspirations of our customers. In < UNIC-ETHIOPIA > we give maximum care for our clients’ future protection. We are always there to our customers to listen to them carefully, to act with their full consent, keep our promises, help them to overcome hard times and give them confidence and peace of mind to create their future.

  • The United Insurance Company SC aims to be the best insurance company in Ethiopia, most professional, most commercial, and most responsible.
  • To provide complete insurance covers at economic rates, honest, prompt, and courteous
    claims services, through the aid of state-of-the-art technology to fully satisfy its
    constituencies: Customers, Shareholders, Employees, Society, and the Environment.
  • Embrace the concept that PEOPLE make the MOST IMPORTANT ASSET of the Company;
  • Aims to be the best equal-opportunity employer in the country;
  • Endeavor to attract, develop and retain the best insurance professionals;
  • Win trust and help customers to buy insurance, not to sell to them;
  • Conduct the business of insurance with Honesty and integrity;
  • Uphold the Value of fair competition, level playing Field and Same rules of the game.
  • Uphold the Value of fair competition, level playing Field and Same rules of the game.

‘< UNIC-ETHIOPIA > is Tomorrow’s Company Today’.



< UNIC-ETHIOPIA >’s experienced and seasoned claim Officers will handle your case promptly. We have got the most competent and committed workforce. Our competitiveness makes us one of the most preferred insurance providers in the Nation.

We are striving continuously for excellence and mutual growth with our customers, so we can all live better lives. Honesty, integrity and transparency are our core principles. Remember, our mission is not just to amass money, but rather to provide honest, prompt and courteous claims services!

In our 27 years existence in the industry, those principles have been cornerstones for our trustworthy claims services and sustainable relationships with our customers. What we have promised and agreed to do, sharing your risks, we do it rightly when harder times befall onto you. That is why we are receiving each year a dozen of appreciations and thank you letters from our clients. Our service provision has made us the most preferable insurer to work with reputed international and local organizations.

IT Infrastructure

With more than 50 Branch offices all over the country and to facilitate customer handling, a system called PREMIA is installed. Through this networking all < UNIC-ETHIOPIA >’s branches located throughout the country have been interlinked.

It is generally done through a central computer, which keeps the data of all the branches. This system has enabled the data for policies to be available at any branch terminal for any policy irrespective of the branch where the policy is underwritten.

In this way policyholder is enable to make the payment of premium in any branch to get the receipt immediately.