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The United Insurance Company SC, better known as, UNIC-ETHIOPIA was established by 87 Ethiopians (individuals and enterprises) in November 1994 with an authorized capital of Br 25 million and an initial paid up capital of Br 8.073 million. It received its license and started writing Non-Life Insurance Business from just one office location at Meskel Square on 10 November 1994.

In 1997 it also became the first private-sector insurance Company to start underwriting Life insurance.  In this connection,¸<UNIC-ETHIOPIA> also became the first Company to introduce With Profits Individual Life Policy.



The United Insurance Company SC aims to be the best insurance company in Ethiopia, most professional, most commercial, and most responsible.


< UNIC-ETHIOPIA >’s experienced and seasoned claim Officers will handle your case promptly. We have got the most competent and committed workforce.


Our Professional underwriters will provide you service recommendations based on your needs, allowing you to make informed decisions.

IT Infrastructure

All branches and contact offices are interconnected with Virtual Private Network (VPN) and a centralized core insurance system is in place to facilitate most of the insurance services.


Life insurance, method by which large groups of individuals equalize the burden of financial loss from death by distributing funds to the beneficiaries of those who die. Life insurance is most developed in wealthy countries, where it has become a major channel of saving and investment. Upon the death of the insured, the beneficiary may choose to accept a lump-sum settlement of the face amount of the life insurance policy, receive the proceeds over a given period, leave the money with the insurer temporarily and draw interest on it, or use it to purchase an annuity that guarantees regular payments for life.

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Life with all its wonderful opportunities has its own share of hazards. Hazards and dangers with their variety and sudden improbability require strength and resourcefulness on one’s part so that they can be duly encountered. General insurance seeks to cover protection against different areas of hazards including property, enterprise, vehicle, money lending and various other forms of professional casualties, except the casualty of death.

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Basically, using insurance begins as you encounter any problem after you’ve purchased coverage and before or during a trip. A problem that puts your plans at risk and/or that threatens considerable cost beyond what you would normally encounter. (This won’t include coverage for essential steps on your trip that you failed to arrange for yourself, e.g., lodging, meals, fully adequate connection times between flights.)

Once you know the details of the problem (and any cost), you promptly contact the claims people for the company that issued your policy. You explain the situation, and they instruct you on what to do for a covered problem.

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Share Holders


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Core Values

Core Values

Customer Supremacy

We shall treat the customer as a “King” and/or “Queen”. We will ensure that the
environment in which service is delivered is conducive and make the service delivery experience memorable.

Honesty and Integrity

We shall strive to promote a culture of honesty and integrity and adhere to a set
of high moral standards and uphold ethical values.


We recognize that the team shall always be greater than the individuals. While
taking personal responsibility for our work, we shall promote teamwork to achieve our corporate goals.


We shall embrace an organizational culture that encourages professionalism,
keenness, enthusiasm, creativity, innovation and a sense of urgency so that
we are responsive to the dynamics of the internal and external environment in which we operate.


We wish to be the Best Equal-Opportunity Employer in the Country. And strive to undertake actions that are just, equitable, and fair that have a positive impact on the lives of our customers, employees, shareholders and the society at large.
We uphold the value of fair Competition: Level playing Field and same Rule of the Game.

Social responsibility

In all our undertakings, we shall behave in a socially responsible and acceptable